Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yumm Night Out

Culver’s Family Night! We decided to go to the last PTA fundraiser last night with the kids for their school. 10% of the profits goes to the school. They’ve had several this year and we finally decided to go to the last one.

It was fun, not very busy this time around. The boys saw a couple of their friends and even invited one to sit with us. The mom was the only one with this little boy, so we invited her to eat with us. My husband and I aren’t that out going so it was a little awkard at first. But it was fun to see Gabe could eat with his friend. The friend though, really liked hanging out with Gabe’s older brother Gideon. So they played more at the table. Gabe at one point said, “you don’t like me no more,” to the friend and of course the friend said it wasn’t true. But it’s hard to see, poor Gabe has trouble making and keeping friends. I’m not entirely sure why. Could be he tries too hard and is shy and then when he has a friend just ends up doing something or saying something that makes the friend not want to hang around. Gideon’s not overly outgoing but he seems to socialize better for some reason. And maybe the allure of being older was all this kid wanted to be cool. I don’t know. Aside from that, we all had fun. And food was wonderful. Even though I am sick, again, I still had a butter burger and fries and a bite of chocolate custard. And it was delicious.

By the end of dinner, I was shot. A full day of work and then all this junk food and fun, not feeling well, I just wanted to go home. We stopped by Goodwill to donate some toys and ended up looking around. Didn’t see anything interesting. Needed a non-stick pan and thought hey, I’ll see what they have here. Not much for selection and one of the decent ones was $14.99. Okay well if I’m going to spend $14.99 for a used non-stick pan that didn’t look amazingly wonderful, then I’m going to buy a new one at Wal-Mart for cheaper and less quality. Call me crazy but that’s what I’m going to do!

So tired this morning. Don’t want to be at work. I do feel better on the one hand but still I have my moments of feeling queasy and a little dizzy, so even to sit at my desk and look busy. I hate being here. However if I took a day off whenever I felt sick, I would not make much in a week, month or year. Heck I’d probably lose my job! ;0)

I think we’ve spent almost all the extra money I had this month, gonna have to be cheap and free for the rest of the month.

Easter is this Sunday. The kids got some easter baskets from our amazing and wonderful neighbor and there is still a lot of candy left. I’m not going to buy more and do the baskets again this Sunday. So I was thinking of getting them a toy or something. But do I really want to spend $30 plus dollars to find some toy that really isn’t what they are looking for, toys are over-priced too! Miss the good old days when $10 could buy you a toy that you wanted!

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