Friday, April 22, 2011

It's so Quiet I can hear a pin drop!

Work is so quiet. It’s Friday, Good Friday. I am working and everyone else is gone, they took vacation time. And the place I work celebrates Passover this week. So here I am with no more vacation time left to take and having to work. I have complained enough to my family so I won’t waste my time now here. It’s just so weird to have it be so quiet and alone. There are a few people left in the building from the other school that is also housed here but they will be leaving soon.

I have cleaned and sorted the nurse’s office and the supply closet on top of doing the job duties that I need to get done. I am currently working on some filing for one of my friends. Filing is a job in itself, not a fun one. I’m doing pretty good though getting through it and listening to the music. Yep I turned on the radio, little KDWB and KS95 to help me groove. Dancing in between and hoping no one accidently walks in.

Hoping my boss will call and remember that I’m a Christian and actually celebrate Easter this weekend. So I can go out of town earlier. It’s only an hour and forty minutes left of my shift so the chances of that happening are not so good.

When 4 pm hits, I’m cruising home and we are packing up the car. We’re going to my brother in-law’s house this weekend. Kind of a last minute planning but still all are very excited to see them. We have such a good time getting together. They live in Alexandria so we’ll be traveling and spending the night. Sometimes the kids play so good together, it’s actually like a break for me!

It will be nice to spend a nice holiday with them. Three weeks until we find out the good or bad news for Dj. I’d like to say I’m not sweating it yet but I am stressed out a little bit. Really praying that he will just get a slap on the wrist with a fine. Once we get past that, I will feel better whatever happens. Cause then we can get on with it and get it over with whatever IT is.

It is good that my one school job is done for the summer soon. Then I only work part time for the other one and I can just try to spend some good summer time with the kids. Now if my tax refunds come before the end of June so I can rest assured I can pay the rent!

Happy Easter! Most importantly have a blessed Good Friday.

Take a moment and reflect what Jesus did so you could have that blessed assure of salvation. Stand at the cross on this cold and dreary day and picture what it would have been like all those years ago.

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  1. Thanks for the visual of Jesus on the cross, kinda gives me goose bumps thinking of what he endured.

    Sorry you didn't get out of work early today. Hope your president of the board wasn't hanging around too long either.

    Have a great relaxing time at DJ's brothers house because you deserve good company.