Friday, April 8, 2011

Prayer in School

One of my friend's has a daughter in Gideon's class. She went to lunch the other day and on facebook she sent me this message: "Hi, I was at school today volunteering and also went to lunch. Just wanted to tell you that I saw Gideon and he sat by us and I was so impressed and was touched by what I saw him do. He closed his eyes and bowed his head and folded his hands and prayed. I thought that was so nice!! Just had to tell you that."

Isn't that cool?! I always get frustrated by how the kids goof around when I am praying at night. I have started to make them be the ones to pray so they will pay more attention to what they are doing. Dj prays before meals, I'm not always so good about that one. So I think Dad is huge in influencing them. He'll even do it in public.

I was very proud that he choose to still pray, even though we weren't there and he didn't have to as no one else is doing it around him. But he did.......... and though he wasn't trying to make any statements, just an innocent belief and desire to say thank you to his Father in heaven, he made a huge statement to his classmates, the school staff and this parent.

Makes me tear up!


  1. Well amen praise the Lord! How wonderful of your little boy Giddy choosing to praise and thank the Lord like he was shown by good role models like his parents. Good job mom and dad.