Friday, April 8, 2011

On This Day....

Happy “Sweet Sixteen” Krissy Morgan Leigh Wood!

I cannot believe 16 years have passed since you were born. 16 years ago, I was having dinner with Mara and her husband and your dad at Perkins. I believe it was chicken teriyaki, my favorite. And we went home and enjoyed some time together. A few hours after that, I didn’t feel so good. I thought I had eaten bad chicken, no thought that this could be labor, after all I wasn’t due for another 3 or 4 days! And your first child you always go past that date. So I was in and out of the bathroom, I’ll spare you those details. And your dad just had this gut feeling that we shouldn’t be ignoring this could be labor. Praise God for James! He was timing it from the time I went in to the bathroom and felt better to the time when I would need to go to the bathroom again. And then he called the hospital. They suggested we come in. I felt so silly, we’re going to get there and they’ll tell us I just ate something bad. I was so embarrassed. Imagine my surprise when they admitted me. I was having labor pains and I thought I was just sick. I knew that would happen, my doctor had assured me that I would know the difference. Ha ha ha ha…… I think it was like 2 a.m. when we went in and then we called Gramma Pam and she called Auntie Karla and they came in to be with us the whole time! You arrived on April 8th! Four days after your daddy. And you came out with a head of beautiful black hair and you were so tan! So little and so sweet. Your dad and I were so happy to see you. You should have seen me trying to dress you to bring you home! I was so scared I was going to break your arm or leg. ;0) Your dad was a champ, he had been through a few diaper changes and stuff with his sisters and he was amazing at how he took care of you during the first few weeks of your life. He showed me so much. I was so young and didn’t know how to do anything and I was so scared! There is so much I have learned since those days. My life has been so much happier with you in it. I have gone out of my comfort zone to try to get job changes and promotions to take care of us. I have tried adventures and activities I would never have done for just myself, going out on nature hikes and the mega mall for rides, playdates and play groups, plays and movies and so many more things. I was in such a hurry to grow up, I never enjoyed my childhood but being able to play house and pretend with you, I got to enjoy it all so much more through your little eyes. You have made me brave and courageous. You have made me a better “mom”, “friend” and so much more. My life would never have been as rich and as full without you. I love you more than I can ever express to you. You are such a wonderful person. You are so unique and I love that no matter what anyone says you still are who you are without any apologies. You are brave. Your life has been hard at times and I’m sorry for that. When I see you helping your brothers and the care and compassion you have for those that you really love, it fills me with such pride. I cannot wait to see what adventure your life takes on as you grow into adult-hood. You are so smart and so beautiful and though life gets in my way from day to day and I get caught up in being so busy, I had to take this moment to let you know that you are cherished. God planned out your entire existence before you even come into being and he gave you to me and your dad. The best gift of my life. Thank you for helping me take the time to smell the roses, feel the sun and dance like no one is looking. Happy Birthday baby!


  1. How beautiful of a tribute of love to your baby girl Krissy Prissy pants! Her auntie Rachel loves her very much too and can't wait to have a rockin' birthday party on Sunday.
    You forgot to add to your story about how I came up to the hospital shortly after mom and Karla and I tried to get a hold of Jason all night. Finally got a hold of him in the am and he came up to see the little Krissy girl.
    Also I was so very frightened to hold Krissy because she was so perfect in my eyes and I was a sinner and didn't deserve to hold a gift from God in my hands. How funny now after having two kids of my own huh?

  2. Oh precious Rach! That would be depending on my weak memory!