Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Weekend

We are in Alexandria! It has been so much fun! And it's not over. We stayed up until 2 am last night, well I could only make it til 12:30 am. And I tried something called lemoncello. It's an alcoholic beverage 30 proof. I tried a taste and it was really good! I added 7-Up and it's great! However for me it's very strong! So we sat up talking and laughing about everything!

Today we woke up around 9 and got ready for an egg hunt. There were many kids there and it was so much fun to see the kids run and grab eggs. They split the different age groups so it was nice it was fair for all. Gideon got eggs of candy, I felt bad for Gabe who got only two eggs. BUT one of his eggs had a ticket inside! That ticket got him a prize. They gave him a huge purple tennis ball! They wanted to give him a Barbie lunch box but when they saw it was a boy that won, they let him have the ball. Their cousin Emily won a lawn chair and a football. She then gave the football to Gideon as he was longing looking on to what others were winning. So sweet!

We had breakfast at Perkins. Yumm. Such a nice visit and perfect morning. One for the books. This is what I was hoping for, a great weekend with family just in case Dj's news goes bad in three weeks. The kids seem to be playing so nice and excited to sleep over one more night. It will be hard to go tomorrow.

I am proud of myself too, my anxiety and nerves have been up a little been anticipating the news of Dj coming up. But being here, I have felt so much fun and no nerves. I'm not thinking, I'm just doing. I didn't even take a shower this morning, we got up and got ready and went! No thinking and over-thinking. No nervous feelings. Just fun and fun was what we had. I could almost cry just thinking about how wonderful it's been. And looking forward tonight for another night similar to last night. I will say the adults wanted to go out for pie and coffee and then grab last minute easter stuff for tomorrow, but I just decided to stay at home. I felt like this day was so great, I didn't really want to try and push it with the rush of people at the stores. And it would have.

Now it's time to party, it's saturday night!

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  1. Aww Dome this warms my heart to know you're enjoying yourself. You deserve some fun time that makes you feel good and relaxed and enjoyed. Have a great rest of the weekend and make memories that will last a lifetime in your brain. I love ya and happy Easter tomorrow!