Monday, April 4, 2011

Baseball Sunday

What a wonderful weekend! We had beautiful weather Saturday and Sunday. 50 degrees and sunny Saturday and similar on Sunday with less sun. We decided to go to the baseball fields in town.

First we had to buy one more glove and a couple of baseballs. I was trying to get the rubber ones that don’t hurt as much but the boys and Dad wanted the real deal. After picking up what we needed we went to have lunch at Subway.

We each found a delicious sandwich that we could eat. The boys wanted to eat inside the store, so there goes the picnic idea. It was still a fun family time together.

Then we went to the baseball field. Took turns watching one kid bat and the other kid pitch the ball. Eventually Gabe decided he loved batting and didn’t want to catch as much cause it hurt his finger. ;0) So Dad pitched him balls all afternoon. Gideon decided he loved playing catch, so we tossed the ball back and forth. Eventually some kid from the neighborhood came over and asked if he could join. This kid was nice enough but he was also kind of a pain in the butt. Trying to tell us what we were going right or wrong. I was thinking, geez isn’t it nice we let you play, quit talking kid. But I politely smiled. My hubby tried to teach him a thing or two as he seemed receptive to learning.

An hour and forty minutes later, my pictching arm was giving out on me. I had to use the bathroom and no port o’potty in sight, I decided time was up! ;0) The boys went back home and got the neighbor friend Jesse and Steve out, and played catch with them some more. Gideon got the ball in face a few times, poor kid. Mama went home to start laundry and lay down. Pooped out. Ate some pre-made cookies.

Today, I am pretty sore. I guess it could feel worse, but I was surprised I was sore at all. Good exercise. Really fun day though and the boys are very excited about a new sport! I better get in better shape if I want to spend time with the boys doing what they enjoy!

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