Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The End Result at the Dentist

The boys went to the dentist today. They saw a different dentist today then the one that did their cleanings. I found out that the dentist they saw for their cleanings was an incompetent and not very nice lady. She told me my kids had all these cavities and they needed sealants. She looked down her nose at me for them having cavities and didn’t offer any good advice. When Krissy went to get her sealants done this new dentist found two cavities and let me know that the first dentist was going to drill those and then seal those. The good dentist let me know that she didn’t think this was a good idea. So long story short, I complained to the office manager about this old lady dentist and I set my boys up with this new dentist lady.

So today the boys go in and the new dentist decides with their age and their nerves that she would fill Gideon’s cavity on his permanent tooth. And then they would watch the other ones and make sure if they got any worse or larger that we would then fill those. So my boys were pretty happy! I was relieved as Gideon is the brave one and I think he did just fine from the sounds of it. He even decided he didn’t want the nitrous oxide. Brave huh….. And then Gabe of course was thrilled that he didn’t have to do anything else. That poor kid is just like his mom, shaking in the chair.

So I will continue to brush their teeth at night and floss them. Let me tell you flossing someone else’s teeth is not so easy! I make them lay back in the recliner like at the dentist and it does work a little better! ;0)

I’m on a mission to not have my kids go through a bad time at the dentist. And it’s really a shame how many just want the money and don’t take time to actually care and educate their patients. This last visit really was an eye opener.

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  1. Well thats a relief! Good thinking on reclining them in a chair for a better angle, and good of you mom for stepping in for preventive care. You're doing good.