Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Christmas in March

It’s amazing what a full cupboard will do for your spirit!

Got some good news yesterday, we were approved for medical and food support! Yahoo! These nagging medical bills can finally be taken care of and God has rained down more blessings upon us. I am so beyond grateful, I cannot tell you. When you only have one income and it’s really not the best paid income for a family of 5, little things like groceries become such a burden. Hmm we really could use more milk and bread but I also NEED gas in my car so I can go to work. Or buying the bread and milk and wondering if your spending your rent…… these are worries no one should have to be worried about. We live in such a weathly country with food and money. Things could always be worse, I tell myself all the time.

We got the news in the mail and I checked online for the amounts. Wow we have never spent that much even when we had money I don’t think in a month! Well maybe at one point we came close. To say the county has been generous is an understatement. I felt like it was Christmas and we all went shopping together as a family. Fun! Kids got to pick out the cereals they liked, we got stuff we don’t get anymore like go-gurt and pea pods and sweet potato chips! I don’t know if the kids noticed it like I did and of course I didn’t tell them. But it was fun. And I almost had a feeling of guilt. I’m not sure why??? Guilty for having so much more than we usually do or having to use the system? Trying to tell myself it’s okay and feel good that we don’t have to wait for the next pay day.

I can’t tell you to not have that worry about if we have enough, or what kind of dinner can we make with the things left in the cupboard….. it’s so huge! To be able to run to the store and pick up more lunch meat or butter without any thought about it, so nice! And to be able to bring the kids to the doctor if they don’t feel good and not wait a few days. Wait to see if anything more develops or wait to see if the temp comes down. Oh it’s so wonderful to just call the doctor and make the appointment without trying to budget $100 upfront costs.

Now I can concentrate on how to keep us in Bayport for another year! God is moving so much in my life right now, I am feeling so much better.

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  1. I'm soo happy for you for sure! You're right that isn't a worry any family should have to worry about.
    What's for supper tonight?