Thursday, March 17, 2011

End of the World

With the news of Japan and all the different things that are going wrong with so many people these days, I question myself all the time. Are we in the end times? According to many websites and experts and even a looney bird or two we are in the end times. Lately the thought hasn't brought much comfort to my mind. Yes I would love for this to be it and the Lord come back soon! We can have him with us in a brand new world. But is the rapture before the shit hits the fan or during or after? And really should it matter, no, we hold tight to what we believe and we will be alright.

I am a chicken. I do not want to go through hard times. What do the persecuted christians that suffer daily go through? How they must long for the Lord to return. Here I am in my comfy home and I never have to suffer the torture they suffer all the time. Our country is free to praise whatever God they want without being hurt for it. We are so lucky. So lucky!

I struggle with what to teach the kids. Do I keep them sheltered. Should I be teaching them about the end times and the mark of the beast and not taking it? At what age should I? Krissy is 16 and well at the age of knowing right from wrong, according to her, she has accepted Jesus as her savior. So how much should I be telling her the things to watch out for? My parents didn't tell me anything and I did a lot of research on my own. Should I do that? But then am I failing my kids for a teachable moment. I don't want to scare the crap out of them. But in an age where the first family that has accepted a chip implant to track their every move is here, I feel a burden to teach them something. If I am gone for any reason, who will tell them?

With Japan on the news and my hubby and I talking about that country off and on, how much should I tell them on that? Currently I have said nothing to them. But should I be? In school they will most likely get some kind of a talk, I read something about how to talk to your kids about these kind of disasters. It was all good, and they gave what to say at different age groups. But I never thought to talk to them about it at all.

Well that was my thought for today. Maybe I am overthinking it. Maybe I am doing enough. I read them the bible and pray with them. God can handle the rest? I don't know...... I'm really not worrying over it, I just see so much going on in the world and I really think the time is near.

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  1. Girl go to Focus on the Family website and get some sound advice and yes go ahead and tell them what you're thinking. If anything let them know our fate lies with the Lord and he will save us and take care of us. The more open and honest you are with them the better, but have some sound Biblical teaching and you'll be fine.