Thursday, March 10, 2011


My body is so tense. All the afterschocks from last week I suppose. I'm not sleeping well and not eating well. The only time in my life that I wouldn't care if I lost weight, most of the time I can't figure out the best way to lose weight and now I'm losing and I don't care. Well I do care, I would rather lose weight a more legitimate way beside worrying it off.

And why worry, I have no control over much of what is happening. So why worry. I tell myself this all the time and yet it doesn't seem to help. I fall asleep thinking happy thoughts and feeling tired and ready to sleep. Then my subconscience must do a number on me and tell me oh no your not feeling better and it wakes me up before I can hit deep sleep.

I'm a mess! What can help with all this stress. How can I just sleep and not let my husband's problems affect me!

For better or worse and I really wasn't thinking worse meant all this.............. I probably wouldn't have taken the vow in the first place knowing this........

Today was better than the last few days. Pray that each day will get better and better and I get tougher and tougher.

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  1. Hang in there Dominique. You are such a wonderful, loving, strong person... Things will all fall into place at some point. I know it. :) As always, I am here if you need to talk...