Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Fun

My weekend blew right by. I miss it already.

We went roller skating and had a blast! The boys were just as predicted. Gabe was a little spit fire on wheels. He fell down so many times, he’s that kid you try to avoid and your going cause he’s all over the place and making others fall down and trip as he’s falling down. By the end of the night he was such a pro. He really took and tackled it. They played video’s of the songs on the wall and when it came to the Justin Bieber song for the movie Karate Kid, Gabe stopped and watched. Now the rules of the rink are to keep moving. So it was so funny when I saw him standing and looking up at the video. Ahh my precious child.

Gideon was very cautious and calculated, I don’t think he fell once. He was doing very well and even tried to pick up speed, but when his eyes caught sight of the game section. He was a goner, we spent too much in those games. He even figured out on his own how to go and get prizes from the other area once he got tickets. I asked him how he figured that all out and he told me he just asked some other kid. Oh they are growing up!

Krissy came along with one of her friends. I think they were hoping to catch some boy action. I paid for them to skate and they never got out there! When I asked her to get her butt out there or get grounded, she skated like a wimpy little kid halfway around, complaining the whole time and then acted like she was safe on ground when she finally made it all the way around. The drama was too much for me. Never again will I let that kid skate, she is getting money for the snack bar or games only.

Overall it was a blast. I skated my heart out and no, Secret Lover didn’t play. I contemplated asking for it by request but then it was a family night and I don’t know if that would have been a good one. I got one blister and really thought I’d be sore the next day, but no! What a surprise. Had my pop and onion rings instead of the pizza. But made a frozen pizza when I got home. There goes my dieting for that week.

Saturday we were going to go shopping for groceries but the stores were a mad house. I hate weekend grocery shopping. So we were all hungry cause we normally get a slice of pizza and pop from Sam’s club and we didn’t even go in for all the busyiness. So we saw Smash Burger. We decided to give it a try. This place had the most wonderful burgers. Very delicious and sweet potato fries too! It was a fun little outing with the kids and they liked their hot dog’s, I had one bite of that and that too was so good. I don’t normally get into hot dogs. And then we window shopped the newest Target store in Woodbury. Dj was watching the cart with my purse and I went to browse camera’s. Goofing around, I told him to come and I’d take his pic. Well he left my purse and cart not but a few feet away. For only a few seconds. When he went back, the cart was gone. Before I knew it, I heard a bunch of Target people snapping into action. I heard on the walkie talkie’s something about a cart and it had a Caribou coffee in it and I knew it was mine! I went over and found out and I can’t tell you my heart sank! My whole life is in my purse. So I went like a mad woman looking for it. And yes, I found it! In the girls department, from the electronic department. Now I ask you, if you accidently took a cart and realized it wasn’t yours, wouldn’t you bring it back to the area you took it? Or at least the front of the store and ask a manager for help? Oh well, my cart and my life were all in place and nothing was missing. Praise the Lord.

Sunday was boring and laundry. The kids played with a neighbor friend. Got invited to a sleep over with this neighbor Friday night! How sweet. And now work has begun again for my week.

Tomorrow I get my three cavities filled. Ugh….. I am not looking forward to this one but hey at least my teeth will feel a lot better. Finally.

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  1. What a lovely time your family had, I would’ve been that kid sitting and staring at the video screen on the wall next to Gabe! Oh how I love to watch the videos that the artists make of their music.
    Sorry to hear about your purse, jeepers seems to me someone was scoping out your purse. Good thing nothing was missing or stolen.
    I know both your boys had cavities to be filled but I didn't know you too. Well hopefully it goes quickly and painlessly, I'm sure by the time I make an appointment with the dentist next, they'll want to get me fitted with dentures!