Friday, March 11, 2011

A Gift From God

Amongst all of my current struggle, God has once again shown me he is walking beside me. Or like the poem, "Footprints," I prefer to think of him as carrying me right now. A gift from him to show he is still there and he cares.

When I went from full time to part time at my current job, I was told that the health and dental benefits were going to become a bigger deduction. All those full time employees get the luck. ;0) So I had to drop my health coverage as it would cost me more to keep it than I would make in the month. I kept my dental for the family and decided it was worth the cost to keep that coverage. Sure my checks were a little bit less but then going from full time to part time no matter how you look at it, it sucked paywise.

My accounting person asked me into her office the other day. Let me know that she had always felt like my deductions for dental was too high. She had been researching this for some time and finally decided that indeed I was paying too much each pay check for my dental.

This accounting person is one that when we first started working together after I went part time, we didn't get along very well at all. I must have done or said something that rubbed her the wrong way and for a long time I was on her shit list. It was an awful time, but eventually we had a project to work on together and that brought us back into a talking and civil relationship. I still keep her at a distance just in case that should ever happen again but we talk more now. So it surprised me that all the while even when I was on her shit list that she would be looking into getting me more money per paycheck.

Then she broke the news, she was going to request a check for me for almost $500.00. What! Wow, what a blessing. I just knew it was God and looking out for me at a time when I needed to hear some good news. And during a time in which I could totally use the extra money.

I had been asking God to speak to me. I almost believe he would literally speak to me, and I think the thought of it spooked me out a little. And then this happened and I think, God knew this wouldn't scare me as much.

I need to remind myself to keep looking for these kinds of things and even though some of them may be small, there are many around if I just look.


  1. How very cool and awesome! Keep looking up and God will fill you full, I just know it. That was a great feeling I bet when that women who might've been against you came to be on your side.

  2. I am ever humbled by God's awesome timing!