Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sun Shining

It’s sunny out today and the temp is supposed to close to 50 degrees. I’ll get to see when I go to lunch if it really is nice out. I cannot wait for spring! We had a bonfire last night and it was fun. With the snow on the ground though it wasn’t as much fun as it is when there isn’t any snow.

Everyday I come home from work the kids have been playing with their neighbor friend Jesse. Trying to get them to come home to eat or say hi to me, it’s difficult. So it’s been nice that I’ve been able to relax and watch t.v. each day. Trying not to eat! I’ve started a good track of eating since the stress started and I would like to keep some of my old habits gone. So watching t.v. without the kids and the fun, fun mentality without grabbing some chips or a sweet. Not as hard cause lately food doesn’t have as much appeal but at the same time, trying to have one poptart for a treat and not eating the two in the pack, hard. ;0) I miss my kids though. Silly huh. I think I miss them more for the changes that may have to take place in a few months. The idea of them staying with Dad for a few nights instead of me…… what! Krissy would never have opted to do that, but boys now they are different. I guess they prefer Dad at times. Who knew…..

If I could get on some kind of exercise kick that would be best. I could use something to get my mood uplifted and I really recognize that it should be some kind of exercise. Even if it’s just to get out and take a walk. I sit all day at work and then to go home and lay down all night, not good. It’s a miracle any more weight has come off. I do miss going to the pilates studio. Maybe with some of tax refund, I should get some classes out of the deal.

But I love the sun, it can instantly bring my mood up, I think I’ll go outside soon for lunch and enjoy.

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  1. Fun! Take a walk for me too. This week and all last week I've been trying to get into working out more and on Tuesdays and Thursdays I do a cardio workout and then on Sundays I do a strength training like lifting weights for both upper and lower body. Then the past two days I've taken Benny for about a 30 minute walk around my neighborhood. He loves it so much, and I enjoy the fresh air too.