Friday, March 18, 2011

What Up Friday

It's finally friday! I'm so glad too, I have no work until next thursday! One of my jobs, at the school, is on spring break! My kids will be in school as this week was their spring break! So for me, it's party time! I'm going to rent three movies that I have wanted to see and I cannot remember the names, one each day.

Tomorrow I will kick off my break with a trip to the dentist. Oh how the kids look forward to that. It's fun to have three different reactions. Krissy is middle of the road, she neither cares nor worries about it. Gideon loves the dentist, I think he's hamming it up cause he knows no one else likes it. And Gabe well, he tries to act like he likes it cause of Gideon but he is scared. So I will be holding little Gabe's hand while he sits in the chair. Please God no cavities.

Sunday, I am off to Eau Claire! I am going with my mom and sister to visit my younger sister Rach! We'll have lunch at Olive Garden. Yumm! I'm looking forward to just the girls and no kids or husbands.

Monday will be a date day with my hubby. The kids will be in school and we'll go for coffee and a walk by the river I think. Just something to be with him and no kids. He has a very stressful week ahead with two court dates on tuesday and wednesday. So hopefully this will be a good time.

I have finally broken the 200 pound mark! On weight loss that is...... being tall I am fortunate that 208 pounds never really looked as obese as it technically is. I lost 6 pounds doing pilates and then after I quit my membership, I gained two pounds back. Then when I went through all my current life stress I have now lost 5 pounds. And that puts me under 200! So while my life is still stressful, food is starting to have an appeal again. So I am really trying to keep it to three meals that aren't junky and no sweets except for once or twice a week. I'm very motivated right now. I just want so badly to be healthy and look healthy.

So right now I am stoked! I need to get off this computer and get going to my start of my time off! It's still sunny out and I'm happy for that. It's been a great week and I'm sleeping more.

It's amazing what a few more hours of sleep will do for your attitude.

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  1. Wonderful, I can't wait to see you on Sunday either. I'm glad for your weight loss and keep up the great work. It helps a lot with good sleep, did you ever try the "midnite"?