Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fear of the Dentist

I have a dental appointment this afternoon. 3:40 pm. I hadn’t been to the dentist in a few years, I hate going. And I have a new dental office that I’m not used to going and I’m not wanting to go. Can you tell I hate the dentist. And really no good reason exists for me not wanting to go. I never had cavities growing up but once maybe….. we didn’t have to worry our generation got to have laughing gas and novacaine, unlike my mom’s generation. So why fear the dentist you say. With my anxiety I have a lot of unrational fears so really it’s not a surprise.

After a few years I had three cavities. That’s not too bad you say. It only took me three months to schedule my fillings and I didn’t update my phone number so they couldn’t catch me. ;0) One day though they called my work number, darn it! So I scheduled my kids for cleanings cause yes, bad mom, I hadn’t had them in for a year. So they went in for cleanings. At that point I sucked it up and schedule my appointment for my fillings. And of course they got me right in. So today is the day.

I’ve been pretty positive about it. I haven’t been stewing on it, so I figured this was a good time. But my body must be nervous subconsciously. I’ve not felt that good all day. I’m not eating and for me I always eat so that’s something there. Trying not to think about 3:40 as it’s only 10:00 right now. Got my toothbrush and I’m all prepared. I even look forward to being able to eat on both sides of my mouth soon as I’ve been avoiding the one side for the sensitivity. ;0) The things I put myself through.

They tell me an hour and a half in the chair. I could make two appt’s if I wanted but hell no, I need to get this done today. I’m on the end of a chest cold and feel pretty good but I still get that tickle cough. You know the one, your like I don’t need to cough. And then two seconds later your trying to cough out that frog! Please God don’t let me need to cough in the chair. Or even think about it, cause thinking about it will turn it into a cough fit. My brain is so powerful. Tyring to get my brain tricked into thinking that I am strong and powerful and courageous. Ha ha ha, why can’t that work that way.

Wish me luck. Pray for me.

My kids have two, four and six cavities. I am even a nervous mess for them. Krissy got hers done the other day and she is brave! She told me it was no big deal. My brave little Krissy. I feel like such a bad mom, letting the kids brush their own teeth. Not worrying about cavities. I think I took for granted that my husband and I both had little to no cavities our whole lives (aside from my recent) and Krissy hadn’t had any cavities either. So I figured they had good genes. Now my little babies ages six and seven have to endure the drill. Since that appointment, I have been brushing their teeth at night, well not the 16 year old. And I’ve been having them rinse with ACT spongebob mouth wash. And I’ve been trying to floss for them. Ugh, flossing someone else is impossible! I tried the sticks with the floss and the old fashion floss alone. Pain in the ass, I may resort to having them lay down and go behind them like the hygienist does to see if I can get in there any better. I’ll let you know.

My husband however, doesn’t brush ever. He says the fluoride is not good for us. He doesn’t floss or rinse. If I’m lucky he will use some baking soda on his teeth, which isn’t good for the enamel. He has no cavities and no other problems. Lucky man. For now. Unlucky me for when he’s wanting to give me a smooch. Sorry for grossing you out.

At least it got my mind off of the dentist for a while!

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