Friday, March 25, 2011

Roller Skating!!!

We’re going roller skating tonight! I can’t wait. My kids school is having a fundraiser and we get to go for $5 per person including skate rental. So I asked the hubby if he wanted to go and meet me up there after work and he said yes! So off we will go! I may have to get a slice of pizza with a pop! And I’m thinking that I may put on some skates with the kids! I don’t see my hubby doing that, he’s more of a stay on the sidelines and watch my pop for me kind of a guy! So hopefully the boys will be that much more steady on their feet and I can actually skate!

Selfish I know. But it brings me back to my Jr. High days. Somluck, my best friend, and I would go all the time. We’d go to the Roller Garden’s in St. Louis Park. And usually her dad would drive us and pick us up and always pay for us. As a parent now, I can really appreciate it that he would do this for us. It was always fun, even though I was low on the self esteem, get me in some skates and I just felt so cool going around and around on the floor. I’d even skate backwards a little. Of course we were in for the boys too! She was always lucky and I was always the unlucky one of course. Never stopped us from getting out there for the next couples skate time, hoping we’d get picked. If only I had more guts to just ask a boy instead of waiting for them. And I can still remember the song they overplayed every weekend, Secret Lovers. Secret Lovers, that’s what we are, trying hard to hide the way we feel.

My boys are too little I think to worry about all that, they just wanna get out there and skate fast. Gabe is hell on wheels, in a good way. He’s that kid that doesn’t really know how to skate and isn’t afraid to fall, he’s just gonna get out there and skate fast and if he knocks ya down it’s nothing personal. Gideon will be the one that will skate little by little, inch by inch and not want to fall. Krissy even agreed to come with her friend Jasmine. They will most likely sit in the snack bar scoping for boys. I hope they won’t be too disappointed that this night is mostly for the elementary kids. Ha ha ha.

I can’t wait to go, I’ll let you know how it goes.


  1. Sounds like a load of fun! I'm sure you'll be sore in the am if you do get on the rink to skate. Marissa use to go skating all the time, and has stopped as she's gotten older. Trevor goes every once in awhile and he sure loves to bring a couple extra bucks for the games.
    I use to skate with them when they were littler. Now Trevor doesn't even want me to hang out with him there much anymore, so I stay home. Let us all know how it went.
    PS remember that time you brought Giddy and he was choking on a french fry, and I scooped it outta his mouth? That was scary wasn't it?

  2. I don't think I will ever forget that time and how you swung into action! Those nurse skills in action even back then!