Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Spring Break is here for my kids. It’s so hard to be the only person that has to be up and doing something today. I still get to work. Yipee, my kids can stay up later than me this week. I think they love that. I feel a little lonely being the one missing out on the fun they must be having. I try to remind myself that while I think this way, reality is it’s just like the weekends, what should we do? Where should we go? Having more than one child we try to keep the expenses low as well as we don’t have a ton to spend lately. So it can be challenging. The weather is going to be wonderful this week however so they can have some outdoor adventures.

My one friend doesn’t worry about what the kids will be doing. She goes about what she needs to do on a daily basis, cleaning around the house and making meals. She lets the kids play with each other or do their own thing for the most part. Sure she still plans some fun activity or going out once in a while. But it’s such a different perspective than mine. That’s how I grew up, my parents didn’t worry about entertaining me. They didn’t even plan any fun activities for me to go and do. I think one summer vacation I was able to take part in a school summer camp program for a week, that was fun. But that’s about it. No family get aways. I just had to play outside or find something to do with my sister. We turned out fine. So why am I so burdened with entertaining my kids.

Could I turn into my friend and let it go. Hmm, such a tempting thought. Especially with summer break on the horizon. What the heck will we do this summer. I love my kids, I do, I just don’t always know what to do with them.

One nice thing I can focus on now though, next week is my school’s spring break in which I work. So while my kids will have to go to school, I will be home all day without them. Now what should I do for my spring break? ;0)

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  1. You are too funny, I like your friends idea of just getting the things she needs to get done during the break and maybe plan one or two events during the week, for example going to the park for a family walk on Tuesday after work if the weather is nice and then maybe a special out to eat night on Thursday night as long as the kids have been pretty good throughout the week.
    Last week during my kids' spring break we rented a couple video games for a 5-day rental and when they got bored they played those games. Marissa babysat 3 days and shoveled snow once to earn money for herself. And while we were at work Trevor stayed home and played video games, then after work he played outside with friends.
    As far as what you should do during your break, just relax and try to get a good book read that you were meaning to or rent a few movies, maybe try out a new recipe you've been meaning to use.
    There's no reason to entertain those kids every moment, let them enjoy quiet and de-stress for one of your days make it a "no TV" day?
    Hope my ideas were helpful. :-) Have fun whatever you decide.